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TuCityRun 5k/10k



If you thought that you were not going to wear a bib number anymore or you were not going to run a race during this summer, YOU WERE WRONG!!!

Here we introduce you TUCITYRUN. Our aim is to help you keep feeling a RUNNER.

From any country, from your city, from your park, from your forest, from your seafront, from your mountain or anywhere you choose, you can design your own route and you could participate in the First Edition TUCITYRUN 5K &10K on Sunday, July, 26th 2020.

We encourage runners from all over the world to take part in this unique event and run in one of the two established distances, 5k and 10k. You will have a period of 24 hours to carry out the race. Each runner chooses the place and the pace to complete it. Don’t forget to keep the established security distances. When finishing the race, all participants who want it will receive the official T-Shirt from TUCITYRUN and the official Finisher medal at their own address.

It is an excellent date for many runners and it could be the perfect test to get you ready for your next sport event. For you to prepare your next 10k, your next Half Marathon and why not your next Marathon?

TUCITYRUN 5K &10K: Runners from all over the world will be running the same race: ALTHOUGH YOU RUN ALONE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!


Club Atlético MONTEMAR


5K for Beginners

If you have reached this point, it is because you have decided to run your First 5k or, in other words, to run 5.000 metres without stopping no matter how long you take to complete it.

First of all, we welcome you to the World of the Runners: a world that seduces you and makes you stay forever. If you are here, it is to stay. Running is not only a sport but also a very healthy lifestyle.

Our proposal is a 10 weeks’ training plan, running four days per week.

The first 6 weeks will be based on “WARU METHOD”, which is the combination between WAlking and RUnning in the same training session.

We strongly recommend stretching exercises (hamstrings, calfs, psoas, cervicals…….) before and after each training session and for 10/15 minutes.

See Plan

T-shirt and Commemorative Medal

T-shirt Commemorative Medal


The Internacional Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Cruz Roja Responde

Red Cross answer against COVID-19 is a further sign of the global commitment of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement worlwide.

Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal in order to help the most vulnerable communities in the world to stop COVID-19 spread and to recover from its effects.

Although we are facing a worlwide pandemic, it is still posible to diminish disease circulation and also the number of human lives it claims every day by improving the access to essential and crucial resources.

Thanks to the Red Cross plan RESPOND against COVID-19, there are, in Spain, almost one million people who will receive attention and telephonic accompaniment; 25.000 families will recieve basic goods; 16.000 people will be supported in terms of employment and 3.000 homeless people will have a place to sleep.

With this plan, Red Cross will reinforce its response system regarding Emergency, Health and Social Inclusion and besides, it will offer a comprehensive response in all its operating areas: Aid, Social Inclusion, Employment, Education and Environment.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at the event photos and relive the best moments.